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Front Office Careers Start Here!

About Us

Former colleagues and Arbitrage Co-Founders Nic Boston and Simon Chambers formed Arbitrage in 2020 after noticing a specialist job board for ‘front office’ hiring simply didn’t exist. Or perhaps it did but without the detail and intricacy required for its end users: highly technical and detailed front office investment banking and buy side talent. Rather than try to ‘Uber’ the recruitment market, they went back to basics to design and build a job board targeted explicitly at these users as well as frustrated hiring managers whose job ads were getting lost in larger, generalist job boards.


Having recruited themselves extensively in the front office space, collectively for close to 30 years, they knew the experience their end users wanted and demanded. It is practical; it is sector specific; and it is product specific. And this is only just the beginning – it will evolve to become a 'one-stop shop' for front office talent to conduct their search and prepare for what can be an exhaustive and extensive hiring process. And for hirers, they will be more effectively targeting the absolute best front office talent globally.

Front Office Careers Start Here